About our company

 Famous Worldwide Trading Limited is establishment at Hong Kong in 2019. 

Famous Worldwide Trading Limited has developed into one of Hong Kong influential e-commerce full-service companies. our team with international background and local e-commerce experience provides professional e-commerce services for more than 25 international brands.

All the products registered in this mall are carefully selected from hundreds of products. Each product has its own characteristics. Each product has been screened by the website editor before landing. This will It is our firm service principle from beginning to end.

The products we operate are all genuine original products that have been legally paid through regular channels and have a complete warranty, return and after-sales service system. In order to give you a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the products you need, each of our products provides 100% real samples of high-definition digital photos, detailed technical performance indicators and manufacturer’s introduction. At the same time, it adopts a variety of convenient payment methods and a safe and fast distribution system, and uses advanced Internet technology to track orders in real time, and to ensure the safety and confidentiality of each customer’s information.